I was listening to NPR the other day and a woman was on air talking about the power of being vulnerable. I, being a total softie, was intrigued as most people view this quality as a weakness. She went on to discuss how incredibly hard we are on ourselves and how gratitude and self compassion are much more useful tactics of being happy and accomplishing our goals. Also that in lieu of the New Year instead of berating ourselves with how much weight we need to loose and how much we didn’t get done this year, that instead we should focus on: what we did well, what made us happy and what we would like to do more of based on these things. It reminds me of that Special K commercial  “What will you gain when you loose?”  That being said, I have decided that this year my New Year’s resolution is to be more kind to myself and to motivate myself only with positivity and compassion. I hope you do the same for yourself!

Much love and gratitude for the support of our business this year!


Molly Hoeltke

Once Vintage


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