Going to California

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? The eternal question that places you into one of two major types of persona. Anyone who knows me knows my answer is neither, my answer is Zeppelin. I bought IV at the tender age of 13, subsequently inherited the box set and found my dad’s extensive vinyl collection and I was sold. So to make a long love affair short, “Going to California” is my happy place and I have decided to name our spring 2014 collection, being deigned now, after the song. This collection is full of the easy, sexy, classic bohemian styles that California is known for and we are super excited about it. This collection, due out next spring, will launch the start of our new sub-label of manufactured in America pieces to be launched next year as well (stay tuned!) Here are some of our inspiration images to wet your palate.

4b10f42bcca8e0fe7ff20d6e4cd37145 006c812edb13e699e430ad8eba423a65 99b8d8cbbefc0794a8c68950bc221fa5 8595ed4b631c0d144a8a2644019cc313 cae2149f2e76ce86d0355b73221d2179 d6c37afe1a4e7e7fa158ee9921669303 d98a25af9b09be4e34dbd9a82644f3ed 7e96a274310ff283eef4b73f8ac55a64 023f1ee77628640c5b8d91c1ba90d9aa 56d464a4c3f851e04fc7504c040b3d2b 06625cba70495f7aff1cb40f9422a841 255335df940b46e8c53c2b4526351f6f b22d81ac67c949614cf8a4486aedd59a c1445416f73e9911f9af366f5aaa7c8b


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