Set Design

Sometimes in my career life I have found myself doing things that don’t seem as relevant to my goals as I think. For example, in addition to being a designer, I am also a wardrobe stylist, which has brought me into prop styling as well. Now don’t get me wrong here, I really do love it. It’s very creative and rewarding and I am blessed to work for an outstanding production designer who has taught me more than I could have hoped for. Yet I have struggled with its relevance to my design goals, until now.

As I have shared Once Vintage is growing into a new line that will be available to buyers in size runs and therefore we are planning for our first trade show experience! This August we are going to MAGIC to source fabrics, meet with sales reps, and see examples of booth set ups etc. so naturally I started doing some research and I was blown away by the creative intricacies of these booths! It’s like creating a mini boutique in a day.

Now I see how my set skills (and if I’m lucky my production designer) will come in handy, reaffirming my belief that every thing happens for a reason. Below are some of my favorite inspiration images!






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