Shibori DIY

We had the most amazing 90 degree day last week that made me feel so happy and free and I couldn’t just be inside all day. I needed an excuse to work outside, so I consulted my to do lists and found one that had been on there for a while: Experiment with different dying techniques.

My interest was sparked by a fabric artist that mainly does home decor: ESKAYEL He uses a variation of techniques and some of it really reminded me of Shibori. Shibori is a Japanese dying technique accomplished by using different methods of folding, wrapping, twisting and stitching to create unique repeating patterns. I had never done it before but I thought it might spark some painting ideas for fabric patterns to be used in the future!

I just took some fabric scraps and old t-shirts to play with, as I didn’t want to screw up anything important. This was a great idea because I felt more comfortable with varying the techniques I had read about.


I did the three main techniques to start: folding, wrapping and circles. The most fun part of this was I was able to use the natural elements around me and incorporate them in this process!

Next, I created 4 buckets: 3 with dyes and one with bleach and I wrapped with rubber bands (the thicker the better).


I immersed the fabric in the buckets and let them sit for about an hour (in which I did some work to make me feel less guilty for having so much fun!)

Unwrap your fabric and let it set for about an hour, then rinse until water runs clear.


Here is some of what came out! I loved the dyes but I think I loved the bleach dying effect the most, it was so dramatic. I also really loved the folding techniques, I think you get a lot of control over your fabric here. and it turns out more geometric. I’m really excited to do some different techniques with stitching more intricate designs but this was a great way to start.

Happy Shiboring!




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