“Going to California” Runway Show – Behind the Scenes Images by Ginny Stewart

This runway show was very special to me.

It was the first draft presentation of Once Vintage’s new line “Once And For All”

This collection is called “Going to California” and is made to be chic, sexy and easy to wear for the modern bohemian woman.

This will be our first wholesale collection available next Spring.

A very special thank you to the amazing crew.



IMG_4112                    IMG_8760IMG_8743 IMG_8762IMG_8868IMG_8780IMG_8831IMG_8770IMG_8799IMG_8858IMG_8883   IMG_8853IMG_8830IMG_8801IMG_8823IMG_8978IMG_8961IMG_8946IMG_8928IMG_4368IMG_8912 IMG_4204 IMG_4239 IMG_4244 IMG_4395IMG_4263 IMG_4266IMG_4438IMG_4337 IMG_4280 IMG_4350    IMG_4474IMG_4431IMG_4310  IMG_4455IMG_8943  IMG_4282 IMG_4291  IMG_4328

Photography: Ginny Stewart

Clothing: Once Vintage

Jewelry: Felise Designs

Hair and Makeup:

Fox and Fawn Salon:

Dana Passariella, Kristin Draudt, Julie Homa, Amy Sniatecki and Andrea Andhor

Maryellen Howe

Tina Alsop

Daniella Vizzari


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