Traveling Gypsy

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you may have gathered I have been traveling a bit for the last month or so. First to Los Angeles for the LA Textile show (and of course to hang with my best friend Jenn and at Venice beach as much as possible). The trade show was a great experience for me as an independent designer, much more useful for actual sourcing than Magic in Las Vegas was. It’s super important to me to not only cut and sew domestically, but also to source fabric domestically and Los Angeles has great resources for that (I think they just have more room to spare than New York haha). The resources were also great. They had a lovely display on the first floor with fabric and trend forecasting for next Spring and  I attended some fantastic lectures on sourcing and trend forecasting as well. The fashion district in LA is decidedly smaller and more manageable to navigate than New York however they have very different things to offer to designers and I feel that it’s important to know how to utilize the resources of both coasts.
It was tough to come back to the cold of the East coast after being in my bikini, however unprepared for that I may have been, but I didn’t sit still for long. I needed to do a bit of re-design for the collection based on the fabrics that I sourced in LA, I styled a cover shoot for Buffalo Magazine, styled a pregnancy announcement shoot for a dear friend and served as a judge at Buffalo State’s Fashion Design runway panel for their spring student show. Two weeks later, and I was off to NYC where I styled a prom charity event for “The Garden of Dreams” at Madison Square Garden ( I took a quick (5 hour) trip to Barneys, had a super fun visit with my other coast best friend Katrina, and had a super productive visit my sample house in the garment district to begin the samples for our “Once And For All” launch Spring Summer 2015 collection! I have to say I love the people I have decided to work with in NYC. They are kind, honest and incredibly talented. I really think they are going to take it to the next level. “Next Level”, I like that, that’s going to be my new thing….
Back in Buffalo again this week and I just finished styling an advertising campaign, I’m starting to work with 2 new personal styling clients, and I’m putting my final orders to my new LA fabric suppliers to send to NYC. Also starting to gear up for sales season. I’ll be traveling the Northeast all summer like a gypsy selling my samples to boutiques. Wish me luck!




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