The hands that make our clothes

I really should have posted this sooner when it was all fresh but things move so quickly, especially in this industry…

These are images from the factory in Buffalo that I worked over the winter to sew our first season.

The seamstresses you see here are amazingly talented and beautiful Burmese women who taught me so much more than I could ever thank them for.

Their laughter and positivity taught me how to maintain grace in the midst of a stressful time and their attention to detail, patience and hard work has made me a better seamstress, a better small business owner and a better person.

Mo, Thin, Wyne, Sandre & Leit


(thank you)

Photos by the wildly talented Ginny Rose Stewart









IMG_0143IMG_0148IMG_0161IMG_0139IMG_0115IMG_0128IMG_0113IMG_0108IMG_0097IMG_0102IMG_0105IMG_0121IMG_0157 IMG_0170IMG_0185IMG_0224IMG_0464


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