A Nashville State of Mind

I am the kind of person that is always looking for something, some would say I am never fully satisfied, I would say I just don’t like to ever be too comfortable. I want to move everywhere I travel, be someone new everyday, never be boxed in. I believe life is too varied and vast to contain ourselves too much. Anyway, I look at this part of me as a way to always fully immerse myself in whatever I am doing and wherever I am.

Enter Nashville! I have never been more exhausted from a working vacation in my life! It could be because I went to 5 cities in 3 days – driving over 2000 miles… Or because while in Nashville I literally went to every cool neighborhood in the city proper and a few suburbs all in one day. I managed to stop at all the cool Shops, get the best Tacos of my life at Mas Tacos in East Nashville, feed my music nerd at the Ryman, the country music hall of fame, the bluebird cafe, (and Deacon Claybourne’s house), and picked up some dope jewelry from local honey.

It’s kind of amazing because Nashville itself actually embodies the attitude of a great musician. It’s authentically itself, unique as hell and doesn’t contain a whiff of trying too hard. It inspired me to the core. I’m thinking fall winter 2016 inspiration…




– I don’t usually post selfies but I thought my Nashville outfit was pretty on point


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